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Making an appointment, our address

For the comfort of our clients, appointment can only be booked on the phone or via email.
An appointment usually lasts an hour and it is free of charge within opening hours.

Phone number:

Costumer reception order and opening hours:
Monday: 9-17
Tuesday: 9-17
Wednesday: 9-17
Thursday: 9-17
Friday: 9-15

We try to form our costumer reception order flexibly for the comfort or our clients, that is why there is the opportunity to visit us outside of opening hours, you just need to book an appointment beforehand.

The fee of the consultation is 15000HUF if it is outside of opening hours, although if you buy or pay an instalment for an order in 3 months we put a sum to your credit.

Let us draw your attention that in our Atelier we have camera surveillance, its legal claim is the protection of business, paying, bank and stocks and safeguarding as well. We inform you in connection with this in a written form also our colleagues can provide you with more information.

Our address and how to approach us:

Budapest, 1093, Lónyay Street 37 A/B.

By public transportation: You need to get off tram 2 at Zsil Street stop, that is the closest, also you can take tram 4-6 and get off at Mester Street stop or at the Boráros Square stop and take a 5 minute walk to our Atelier. If you arrive by car we would like to warn you that our jewellery store is located in parking area. Map here.

Our Atelier is not a classical jewellery shop where you choose from given selection of jewels of wedding rings and engagement rings. This is a designing workshop where each and every piece of jewellery is made according to our clients. The ones which are already manufactured can be seen on our website, also if you visit us you can take a look at our jewels, show pieces made of silver and stainless steel. These showpieces are a great base for costume made gold jewellery piece.

During the consultation, with the help of these showpieces we help to create a new jewel. The process usually takes an hour; you need to calculate with this.


Deadline for making wedding rings:
4 to 8 weeks starting from first instalment
To complete an order before the deadline, there is always an extra charge

Deadline for making engagement rings:
3 to 6 weeks starting from the first instalment
To complete an order before the deadline, there is always an extra charge

To get information about the latest deadlines, contact us on the phone: +36703780570 or via email,

For a custom made piece the deadline is adjusted to the work at hand.

Scrape gold

It is possible to pay for the jewel with scrape gold partially or entirely. The value of the scrape gold is deducted from the price. The value is defined according to the latest rates. Naturally we examine the purity of the alloys.


To place an order, you need to pay a 50% instalment. Our pieces consist of custom orders, with unique colours and shapes. That is why we cannot return the instalment in case of cancellation, also we cannot take back a finished piece.

Ordering jewels online

The information we offer about online ordering is rather abundant, we elaborate in a separate section.

You can read more about ordering wedding rings, engagement rings and other types of jewellery online by clicking here.

Payment methods

You can settle the costs by cash, credit card or bank transfer.

Necessary information for bank transfer
Bank address: 1095, Budapest, Boráros square 7.
Forint account
Unicredit Bank, Beneficiary: Affianced Ékszerészet Kft.
Bank account number: 10918001-00000047-05600008
IBAN: HU90109180010000004705600008


We hand over our jewels in a beautiful and exclusive wooden jewellery box with a warranty card and a certificate. We offer a unique, handmade ring pillow for our wedding rings as gift for our customers.

Karikagyűrű csomagolás




Our trademark is the master sign in our jewellery; this authenticates our works alongside the Hungarian hallmark. We guarantee the used materials, the quality of the craftsmanship and the durability of gemstone setting. Over the compulsory 1 year warranty, our Atelier offers a 4 year warranty with a 30% deductible and a maximum of 50000 HUF for an incidental gemstone replacement. The only condition is to bring the jewel in annually for maintenance.

We offer additional services with our jewellery. We adjust the size for those rings which are given as a gift, free of charge within 3 months.

We clean and refresh the surface of the jewel professionally in the first year after purchasing, free of charge.

You can find more information about warranties here.

Company Data

Affianced Ékszerészet Kft.
Site: 1093 Budapest Lónyay u. 37/A.-B.
Headquarters: 1097 Budapest Drégely u. 6-8. A 603
Tax Number: 24792013-2-43
Company Registration Number: 01-09-182635
Statistical number of the company: 24792013-3212-113-01
Pr number: 7268
Chamber registration number: BU24792013.

Phone: +36 70 378 05 70

Bank account number:
Fiók címe: 1095 Budapest, Boráros tér 7.
IBAN: HU90109180010000004705600008

Storage Service:
Net4U Kft.
Budapest, 1142. Komáromi út 39.