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What does an engagement ring symbolise?

The engagement ring is the symbol of the promise of marriage, a token of a man’s love.

Engagement rings are usually made of gold with a centre gemstone set in a slightly rising setting.

Traditionally this ring goes to the bride’s ring finger on her left hand. There is a myth from ancient times that so called Vena Amoris which is an artery goes straight to the heart from this finger. Therefor the ring of love is a perfect fit for this finger.

Evaluating time and money frame

The engagement ring is unique and special and most importantly it is the biggest surprise. That is why it is so important to make them from quality and valuable materials.

Before picking an engagement it is important to set a budget which is in sync with the bride’s taste and wishes and the groom’s financial possibilities.

When it comes to defining budgets we offer three different prices categories for ring that are decorated with diamonds or other gemstones so we could make the decision easier.

Engagement ring prices

When we clarified our budget we cannot forget about the timeframe either. Creating an engagement ring is a time consuming task which can take weeks. Here, at Affianced Fine Jewellery this period of time is four weeks starting from the deposit payment. If the engagement ring needs to be ready sooner, we need to ask for an additional price. You can learn more about this from our colleagues.

Personal Consultation

Karikagyűrű választás

After defining our money and timeframe we can start the exciting process of finding a perfect engagement ring. First of all, we need to find the right atelier for this job.

The online market is huge when it comes to engagement rings. Shopping online hides great risks for someone who is not thoroughly educated in this subject and could lose its way in the maze of information. Although, if you look for jewellery stores which have their own workshops you can be sure that the ring will be just as you pictured it.

Yet another advantage of having a personal consultation is that you can get an answer for all your questions on the spot.

Ring size

Engagement rings are usually purchased in secret as a surprise that is the size of the ring is very important. We can help you with this issue during our personal consultation.

For more useful information, please take a look at our Ring size guide

Choosing the style of the ring

Jewellery is just as essential to someone’s style as clothes or hair. When picking a wedding ring one has to pay attention to the personality and style of the future bride, the two has to be in perfect balance. Here are some aspects that need to be taken into consideration to be able to choose the most perfect engagement ring for the beloved lady.

Skin tone

Engagement rings are worn on the hand, so they are in constant touch with the skin. That is why it is crucial to define the skin tone. We offer help for our customers to help them find the perfect colour of gold alloys for their wedding rings.

Skin tone Characteristics Types
Cold skin tone The shade of the veins is bluish purples, you should check it at the wrist, and the surface of the skin is bloomy.

For this type, yellow gold suits the best. Only if it matches their style and like wearing it.

Scarlett Johansson
Warm Skin tone The veins are rather greenish, closer to olive. The surface of the skin is yellowish and peachy shade.

For this creol type of skin every kind gold alloy suits well but we recommend white gold for the nice contrast.

Penelopé Cruz
Neutral Skin tone This skin tone is not unequivocally cold or warm. In this case, according to our experience, rosé gold is the best choice. This colour harmonises best with this skin tone. Sandra Bullock

Fashion Style

Classic, elegant or bohemian maybe romantic or vintage, or maybe sporty fashion style suits her best? What kind of clothes does she like wearing? What branches of art are close to her heart?

The way a woman dresses could tell a lot about her. In the following chart we gathered some characteristic styles which might help choosing the perfect ring style.

Style Characteristics Affianced Ring Tips
Classic Moderate, elegant, balanced and a clear-out colour scheme. A line skirt, blouse, pumps. Classic engagement ring Klasszikus eljegyzési gyűrű
Vintage Playful, feminine, nude shades, black and white colours, silk, pearls, A line dresses, high waste trousers, flowery skirt. Vintage engagement ring Vintage eljegyzési gyűrű
Sporty Casual, practical, jeans, sneakers, t-shirt, turtle neck. Sporty engagement ring Sportos eljegyzési gyűrű
Romantic Forever day dreaming, soft, pastel colours, lace, frills, brooches, ribbons. Romantikus eljegyzési gyűrű
Dramatic Self-imposed, bold, modern, loves to be in the centre of attention, strong make up, spectacular jewellery, contrasting colours, femme fatal. Dramatic engagement ring


Drámai eljegyzési gyűrű
Natural Simple, natural make up and materials, handmade accessories and clothes, Natural engagement ring Természetes eljegyzési gyűrű

Personality Traits

An introvert or an extrovert? Change is important for her? Empathic and daydreamer? Or maybe a practical and level-headed type?

The ring needs to be in connection with personality of the wearer. Although, it is not an easy task to find a well matching rings to different characters. If you are unsure about choosing the perfect jewellery, ask for our help. During the personal consultations we offer professional help for our customers.


We wear our wedding rings during our everyday lives. That is why, one has to take into consideration that the ring has to be very comfortable for everyday usage. Do not forget that our everyday life habits influence ring usage. You need to take into consideration the job she does, the sport she does, her hobbies when you make the decision about the shape of the ring.

Hand type

What is the shape of your hand? Do you have long, slender or chubbier, maybe a smaller hand and fingers?

On long slender fingers almost all kind of ring styles fit well, although on shorter fingers the bigger size shapes or wider rings do not look that well. For smaller, petite fingers you should rather choose a dainty style ring. If it comes to diamond shapes, an oval or heart form could be a good choice. For fuller women we recommend attractive and unique shaped jewellery.

Eljegyzési gyűrű kézen

What material should we choose for our engagement ring?

Eljegyzési gyűrű arany színek

Engagement ring gold alloy colours

The only limit, to what kind of engagement ring we choose for our beloved one, is your imagination. An engagement ring can be made from many different materials combined with any kind of gemstone.

Our faith, according to our professional knowledge and experience we think, that engagement rings should be created from the most noble materials. The fakes and synthetic materials are not worthy for this symbolic jewellery. Our engagement rings are made of gold; primarily the 14K gold alloys have the best hardness for everyday usage.

 The three main colours of gold are rosé, white and yellow gold and engagement rings are made of these colours and their combinations. When it comes to choosing the material of an engagement ring one should pay attention to the harmony of the colour of the metal and the colour of the gemstone.

We introduce what you need to know about the different alloys in detail in our gold jewellery guideline.

What kind gemstone should be the centrepiece of the engagement ring?

Traditionally, engagement rings are made with diamonds because these gemstones are the hardest, they do not deteriorate, do not lose their shine, that is why it is the perfect symbol for the strong, life long relationship for the two lovers.

Prior to picking the diamond, it is essential to know the most important characteristics of the gemstone, since the central stone will determine the price of the ring itself. A very popular diamond alternative is Moissanite, you can more about it here. If we wish to decorate the engagement ring with a different kind of gemstone, we can provide our customers a wide range of experienced knowledge to find the perfect gemstone.

When it comes to picking the materials of the engagement ring one has to pay attention to the harmony of the colour of the gemstone and the colour of the gold alloy. The classic colourless diamond is a great choice for all the three different colour of gold alloys. For colourful gemstones we usually recommend white gold, although the unique hue of the given gemstone might change our perspective as well.

In the following we would like to give you tips for what other colours should look nice apart from the white gold.

For blue coloured gemstones like sapphire or aquamarine rosé gold looks really good. (Image no4.)
For gemstones with yellow hue like yellow diamond, yellow sapphire or citrine yellow gold suits the best (Image no1.)
For green coloured gemstones like emerald, peridot or green tourmaline yellow gold looks beautiful (Image no2.) although for some hues of green, rosé gold could be an excellent choice
For red and pink coloured gemstones like ruby and padparadsa sapphire or pink tourmaline, white gold is a good choice or for some hues, rosé gold. (Image no3.)

Colourful gemstones

It is important to know that gemstones are not glued but set. There are various types of gemstone setting methods. What these methods have in common that the metal is somehow worked on the gemstone to secure it in the setting.

What ring styles could we choose from?

Engagement rings can usually be listed in 8 categories. These categories are differentiated by the types of setting the central gemstone.

Solitaire ring

Szoliter eljegyzési gyűrű

In the solitaire ring there is usually a brilliant cut diamond sparkles in the middle. There could just one gemstone in the middle or accompanied with decorating diamonds.

The solitaire style shows classic elegance and puts the emphasis on the beauty of the diamond. Simple, elegant and long standing.

Affianced Ring tip:
London Engagement ring

Halo ring

Halo eljegyzési gyűrű

After the classic solitaire, the second most popular engagement ring style is the halo ring. The central diamond is surrounded with little decorating diamonds. This setting provides an excellent shine and the little diamonds optically enhance the sparkle of the central diamond.

The most popular cuts are cushion, brilliant and oval. This ring style gives a dramatic style although on a moderate price.

Affianced Ring tip:
Desert Rose engagement ring


Cathedral ring (prong setting)

Katedrális eljegyzési gyűrű

One of the most elegant and most classical engagement ring setting. Similar to a cathedral’s delicate arches, this type of setting uses metal arches (prongs) to secure the central gemstone.

This style draws the attention to the gemstone immediately; also the prongs protect the diamond excellently from outside forces. Unique and charming engagement ring style.

Affianced Ring tip:
Princess engagement ring


Pavé engagement ring

Pave eljegyzési gyűrű

The word is of French origin, it means paving the way. The little diamonds are held in their places by small metal beads. They are all so close together that you cannot really see the gold, although they give an extra sparkle to the ring.

This diamond engagement ring style could either be modern or vintage as well.

Affianced Ring tip:
Angelic Engagement ring


Bezel ring (Toque setting)

Bezel eljegyzési gyűrű

A modern style engagement ring, which could be a great choice for ladies with active life styles. The central gemstone is guarded by thin metal edge to protect the stone from outside impacts.

Affianced Ring tip:
Snake engagement ring


Tension ring

Tension eljegyzési gyűrű

Unique, modern and trendy engagement ring style. The metal holds the central stone in two spots and seemingly the metal parts do not meet. That is why, it seems like the gemstone is floating in the middle of the ring.

Affianced ring tip:
Violett White no2 engagement ring


Alliance ring

Alliance eljegyzési gyűrű

The three stones represent the connection between past, present and the future. Eye catching, beautiful ring style. Usually, the central stone is accompanied with two smaller gemstones, or with two similar sized gemstones.

Affianced ring tip:
Contessa engagement ring


Hungarian Nuptials ring

Magyar Menyegző eljegyzési gyűrű

This style uses the extraordinarily rich, new style Hungarian folklore elements from the turn of the 18th and 19th century. You can see the tulip symbol in each and every model. It could be an engraving or the shape of the flower itself.

The tulip is the symbol of light, love and sensuality.

Affianced ring tip:
Kelengye Barokk engagement ring


How high should the stone stick out?

Kiáll a kő a jegygyűrűből

It is important to know the gemstone have a height (the bigger the diameter of the gemstone the higher it is) that is why it is inevitable the gemstone sticking out of the surface of the ring.

For the ladies this is usually not a bother at all. According to their feedback, one can get used to this in a couple of days. It is like the ring has always been on their finger. This is usually an important aspect for men when picking a ring, but the ladies can handle extreme high shapes as well.

Although, the future husband needs to take some things into consideration. For example, if the bride does intense manual work, a florist, a ceramist or a gardener, it is better to choose an engagement ring where the gemstone does not stick out.

How safe are the gemstones in their settings?

Drágakő foglalás

Gemstones are put into their places by setting them, which means the metal is carefully worked on the gemstone, so they can stay in their places. Gemstones cannot fall out from their settings if the ring is worn under normal circumstances.

If perhaps the ring is damaged by an unfortunate movement, take the ring back to us and we can fix the problem. Also, we highly recommend that you come back to us annually for a ‘check-up’ so we can examine the ring’s state, renew it and clean it.

After the mandatory 1 year warranty contract, the jewellery offers to partake in the payment of replacing missing stones in the item – given that it is presented for maintenance every year. This offer can go up to 30% of the price, the maximum of 50,000 HUF.


How should we hand over the engagement ring?

Eljegyzési gyűrű csomagolásThe engagement ring is the token of love. It needs to be handed over condignly. We would like to offer some help how to do so.

We showcase our rings in a beautiful, elegant packaging in an exclusive wooden box, furthermore we give a little golden satin pouch. This is our contribution to create a magical moment.

How to keep our engagement ring in its original glory?

It is only natural that our golden jewellery is scratched during everyday usage. Also, some contamination appears in the engravings and settings. That is why, we recommend our client to take their jewellery off when it comes to washing hands or taking a shower because the cosmetics that we use contain paraffins and fats which stuck in the little scratches of the metal. Especially under the gemstone and these contaminations obscure the stone.

We need to protect the engagement ring from outside forces and during physical labour or when doing sports, you should rather put it away in a padded box or a pouch.