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Costume designed, unique, personalized gold jewellery

Affianced Fine Jewellery has been creating different types of gold jewellery since 2005 to the satisfaction of our customers such as bracelets for women and men, necklaces, rings, earring or even unique piercings or body jewellery.

We design our own jewellery according to our clients’ wishes or if they have an exact vision in connection with the design of jewel, we are more than happy to execute the plan.

Designing a piece of jewellery together with the client is an exciting job. Our clients can catch a glimpse of the mysteries of making jewellery. You can read more about jewellery designing here.

Visit us in person or contact us to design you dream gold jewellery together.

Unique gold jewellery for women

You can take a look at our gold jewellery for women in these categories

Unique gold jewellery for men

You can take a look at our gold jewellery for men in these categories

Value for lifetime

Jewellery is a noble metal ornament which has a serious intangible and material value.
It conveys and symbolizes emotions.

It is one of our most personal objects, a symbol of our deepest attachments. They can become an amulets or talizmans which we wear on our bodies at all times. We bestow them with spiritual powers which protect us from trouble and sickness also it brings us luck.

In the history of mankind numerous unique jewels are surrounded by mysteries, starters of wars, and makers of alliances. It was a treasure that everyone desired in every era because those who owned them benefited from them.

Our own highly valued jewellery after the years become family heirlooms and can be passed on through generations to our children and grandchildren. The most valuable gemstone is the diamond, because if its inviolability the gemstone survives the jewel. After decades, the gemstone set in a piece of jewel can be reborn, carrying the old, creating new symbols.

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