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Creating unique jewellery

Here in our Atelier at Affianced Fine Jewellery we have been making unique, personalised jewellery over 10 years on a professional level. The greatest advantage is definitely its uniqueness; every single detail is manufactured according to our customers’ ideas.

Nowadays, in most of the shopping malls there are many jewellery shops although their offers are very similar to each other. The jewels just like other fashion items are made in the far east with very little manual labour but with a huge amount of mechanization. That is why it lacks uniqueness and personalization.


When visiting our Atelier you will not meet regular shop assistants, our colleagues are professionals with designing backgrounds and helps you to navigate in the mystery world of jewellery.

About every detail, every material, gemstones, everything can be brought into effect and is wearable. Our customers can get information about the design all the way through the process.

After discussing everything, the designing process begins, with either a manual drawing or a 3D design this is how we try to demonstrate the future jewellery in different variations.

Visit us, make an appointment.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit us in person, we are here of online apartments as well.

You can read more about online meetings and jewellery designs here.