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Handcrafted and Unique Wedding rings, Engagement rings by Affianced Fine Jewellery

You can find uniquely designed, handmade engagement rings, wedding rings and different pieces of jewellery for every occasion on our website. The products showcased here are but an appetizer from what we have to offer.

Pairs of wedding rings for all kinds of different tastes, made of gold alloys of multifarious colour combinations, decorated with brilliants and the like.

Engagement rings made of the same varied gold alloys, decorated with diamonds and other precious stones: sapphires, pearls, topazes and more.

Specifically formed, special jewellery made of exciting combinations; medallions, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, whole collections and jewellery for men.

Unique, personalized, handmade gold jewelry from a webshop? Yes!

Affianced Jewelry offers a unique solution for this.

The advantage of web stores that offer jewelry is the convenient selection and purchase from home, but unfortunately they also have a disadvantage compared to personal ordering: namely, that there is no way to realize individual ideas, not even color modifications, but the customer can choose from a specific set of goods piece he likes. We would like to change this practice with our online store, which operates in the following way:

The jewelry that can be ordered on our site is made individually for you after ordering the jewelry in the selected size, gold color and gemstone combination. The time for making the jewelry is 3 to 8 weeks from the order, depending on the selected jewelry and the capacity of our workshop.

You can access the gold color combinations of the jewelry by clicking on the “I’ll look in other colors” button above the photo of the jewelry, where you can choose your individual gold color combination. After the order and the creation of the jewelry, we will deliver the selected beautiful gold jewelry to you free of charge within the borders of the country by courier service.

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Gifts and services provided with the jewelry ordered

In addition to our carefully made jewelry, we offer premium services and gifts to our dear customers.

5 év garancia
5 year warranty
Ékszer díszdoboz
Jewelry gift box
Ingyenes szállítás
Free shipping
Ékszer certificate
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Free annual service
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Jewelry design
We guarantee our jewelry for 5 years

We guarantee the materials used, the quality of the handwork, and the durability of the setting of the gemstones.
Affianced Jewellery provides a full warranty for the jewelry it makes in the first year if it is used as intended, and we provide a partial warranty for another 4 years. You can read more about the details of our guarantee here.

We deliver our jewelry to our dear customers in an exclusive gift box

We deliver our jewelry in an exclusive silk-covered gift box with a gift silk bag, certificate, bag, and we also provide a gift ring cushion for wedding ring couples.

Karikagyűrű csomagolás

We deliver your jewelry to you free of charge by courier service

Within Hungary, we will send your jewelry to the specified address free of charge.

If you would like to order jewelry from abroad, please contact our colleagues on one of our contact details about the delivery and possible customs preparation fees and other costs.

You can only buy from our webshop from the countries of the European Union. If you want to order jewelry from outside the EU, please contact us.

Certificate on the raw materials used

A certificate is issued for all jewelry made by us, which is validated with our company stamp and signature. In the certificate, we describe in detail the raw materials used for the created jewelry.

Our trademark is the master mark found in our jewelry, which authenticates our work together with the Hungarian hallmark. We guarantee the materials used, the quality of the handwork, the quality of the gems, and the durability of the reservation.

Affianced névjel

Careful inspection of the jewelry, professional cleaning, polishing and renovation of the surfaces

Since gold alloys are soft, fragile metals that can be scratched, depending on the intensity of wear, it may be necessary to renew the surfaces so that they shine in their original beauty. In the case of wedding rings containing precious stones, it is important to periodically inspect them to prevent the possible (very rare) loss of the gemstone.

Depending on the value limit, our jewelry store undertakes at least one free, professional jewelry cleaning and surface refresh for our jewelry within one year of purchase.

Ékszer polírozás

You dream it, we design and make the jewelry of your dreams

Jewelry design takes place in several ways in our workshop.
Most often, our interested parties ask us to change the color and decoration of our existing jewelry.

If we are asked to implement and design a completely new piece of jewelry, we will start the design after assessing the needs. In general, we try to send a rough price calculation even before sending the final renderings, and we only send the more complex designs after accepting and confirming the price offer: we make a freehand drawing, 2D or 3D rendering.

You can read more about jewelry design here.

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Handmade, special wedding rings

Wedding rings are made by hand with care, in different colors: white, rose and yellow 14K gold alloys, to your size, according to your individual wishes. Wedding rings can be decorated with hand-engraved or precious stones, so only your imagination can limit the appearance of wedding rings.

Affianced Jewelry knowledge base

Below, we would like to provide more information to our dear readers who are less informed in the world of gold jewelry, precious stones, and diamonds. We have tried to clarify all the details regarding the purchase of jewelry, so that even those who already have a basic knowledge of the subject can find something new for them.

This is how the ring is made in our workshop

In this short film, you can see the meticulous work with which we make a wonderful pair of wedding rings using traditional craft techniques.

Special personalized engagement rings

Perhaps the most defining element of engagement rings is their central gemstone. In each of the engagement rings presented on our site, you can choose a diamond, moissanite gem or other colored gemstone that is closest to your taste.

Wedding rings, engagement rings –
trends and tradition

Picking the wedding ring is a very exciting task, which- according to our experience- can help couples to get to know each others’ tastes and improve their ability to compromise. Engagement rings bear a symbolic meaning, that not only stand for the unity of men and women and their endless love but their style as well.

The wedding ring trends have changed a lot in the last couple of decades and they are constantly changing and improving nowadays as well.

Until the 1980’s, mostly the simple, round, yellow gold wedding rings were popular. Today, only the sky is the limit in creating different coloured gold alloy engagement rings with diamonds or other gem stones.

Karikagyűrű trendek

Wedding rings that are made of different coloured alloys, with matte and shiny surfaces are very usual. It is absolutely common to pick rings with numerous diamonds for the ladies but sometimes men like precious stones in their rings as well.



The engagement rings’ fashion changed similarly as it did with wedding rings. Although, the design of these jewels follow the traditional forms. The reason for this might be, that wearing an engagement ring is a much older tradition.

Wedding rings in the Christian tradition became popular from the 1300’s, while the engagement rings were in fashion decades earlier. These rings containing a central gem stone- usually diamonds- are the solitaire rings. Nowadays, the build-up and proportions remained the same for this type of jewellery, although little decorating gemstones became popular.

Naturally, those engagement rings that are absolutely different from the usual form are very popular as well. They grant a modern look for the wearer.

Jewelry in stock and on sale

For those of our dear customers who want to buy gold jewelry, even an engagement ring, out of a sudden decision, we offer jewelry that can be purchased and picked up immediately, some of which we even offer at discounted prices!

Dream it, we will design and make your jewelry!

One of the main pillars of our service is that we design and make personalized gold jewelry for the selected gemstones, which designs we present during our consultations. At Affianced Jewelry, we have been engaged in the design and production of special, personalized jewelry at the highest level for more than 10 years. The advantage of jewelry made in this way is definitely their uniqueness, that every little detail is designed as our dear customers dream.

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