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The concept and symbolism of wedding rings

The wedding ring is one of the most well-known symbols, its continuity and closeness shows the tight bond between two people. Wedding rings are chosen by the engaged couple together and they are exchanged on the wedding day, sealing the marriage.

Karikagyűrű vásárlás útmutató

We would like to help you, navigate some notions. The synonym for wedding ring is nuptial ring. Therefore, nuptial rings and wedding rings are similar expressions; these rings are exchanged on the day of the wedding. Many people confuse them with the engagement rings. Engagement rings are made in secret by the grooms for the proposal of their beloved lady.

Picking out wedding rings

Picking out wedding rings is a very special experience for couples, they can get to know each other’s tastes also they can catch a glimpse of the interesting and meticulous world of jewellery making. In the last couple of years we have helped many happy couple to wear rings which are most suitable for their personality and style.

To make the orientation easier and help you in the choosing process, we have divided our wedding rings into collections; also we offer a fun wedding ring choosing game which can help finding the perfect rings.

Is it important that the wedding rings and the engagement ring complement each other?

Naturally, there are no rules which have to be followed. Although, some brides choose to wear their wedding ring alongside their engagement ring. In this case, one has to pay attention to the style and material of the rings, also the gemstone need to match as well.

We offer matching wedding rings and engagement rings in our Hungarian folklore inspired collection which has won the Hungarian Product Grand Prix –Magyar Termék Nagydíj.

Karikagyűrű és eljegyzési gyűrű

A vintage style engagement ring looks the best alongside a vintage style wedding ring, a classic engagement ring harmonises with a classic wedding ring. Although, it is important to know that gold rings worn next to each other can be harmful for the material. The two metals abrade each other. That is why we recommend wearing them separately.

Money and timeframe

The guiding price of wedding rings may vary depending on the style, ornateness, the amount of gold that need to be used and the chosen gemstones.

To help determining the budget we created three price categories to make the choice easy for our customers.

The price of the wedding rings consists mostly of the used precious metal. In order to reduce the prices, we count in scrap gold. Scrap gold is unused, broken or not repairable jewellery. First of all, we schedule a personal appointment where we examine the purity of the alloy and then we count in on the current rate and deduct it from the price.

Personal Consultation

Karikagyűrű választás

The wedding rings just like engagement rings is one of the most unique and most personal piece of jewellery choosing it designing it and making it a reality is special task but also a difficult one. Our atelier is not like other jewellery shops where the costumer chooses from a given palette, jewels that are ready to take. In our workshop every jewel is designed according to the costumer’s vision. During our personal consultations we share our ideas and design the dream ring together.

Apart from deciding in the budget we should not forget about the timeframe either. Picking and making the perfect wedding rings is a time-consuming task that is why the couple needs to start looking around long before the wedding.

In our atelier the preparation of wedding rings is 4 to 6 weeks starting from the deposit payment. The time frame changes according to the complexity of the jewel and the capacity of the workshop. When it comes to shorter deadlines we can only execute the order with an additional charge.

Size of the ring

The most important data about the wedding ring is its exact size. Wedding rings are chosen by the couple together, most of times that is why we highly recommend the personal meeting so we could measure their ring sizes precisely. In each case we have a ring size controlling meeting. At this meeting our costumers fit their own rings on which are before ornamentation and the setting of gemstones.

For further information about ring sizes, check out our guidelines.

About online jewellery shopping and picking the perfect ring sizes, you find information here.

Which finger should we wear our wedding ring on?

Melyik ujjon viseljük a karikagyűrűt?

The two most typical habits, here in Hungary can be specified in the following way:

If you propose with the wedding ring, the bride wears the ring on her left hand and after the wedding ceremony the ring migrates to the right hand.

In Hungary, the most widespread habit is that the engagement ring goes to the right hand and the wedding ring to the left at the wedding ceremony. Although, let’s not forget that these are not binding traditions only serve as guidelines for us.

The size of the ring fingers on each hand may differ; we highly recommend for our customers to have the ring made for the finger they are going to wear it. For right handed people we suggest to wear the ring on their left hand, it is more practical and it is less exposed to abrasion and damage.

You can read more about ring wearing habits here.

How similar should wedding rings be for men and women?

If we hold on to tradition, wedding rings for men and women are usually identical to symbolise togetherness.

Thanks to today’s trends you can bravely choose different wedding rings. We usually recommend our customers to aspire for a joint design idea, a common symbol for both rings. Men usually prefer something simpler, purer shapes; women on the contrary tend to choose something more adorned, more unique. These rings hide much more complicated details then the ones for men.

Rings for men are wider and they tend to choose matte surfaces unlike women who select shiny surfaces. Naturally it depends on personality and style and also, how the given model looks on the hand.

When it comes to designing wedding rings we pay extra attention to harmonise the different functional and decorating elements showcase togetherness, but also emphasise the personal differences between bride and groom.

What is the wedding ring pillow?

GyűrűpárnaWedding pillows are becoming more and more popular. Weddings often have a theme; every detail is in harmony, the wedding dress, the bouquet, decoration and the location. When it comes to selecting a wedding pillow, we need to take the wedding itself into consideration. The venue and the thematic of the wedding mirror the style of the couple.

For instance, if the couple is planning a rustic, close-to-nature, vintage style wedding, we recommend a wedding pillow which is richly decorated with lace. Naturally, we have numerous different kinds of pillows that you can choose from.

We blandish our wedding ring buyer customers with a wedding pillow so they can place their chosen wedding rings during the ceremony.

Shape of wedding rings

Our atelier creates wedding rings which are rich in style with different shapes and profiles.

1. Traditonal, round wedding ring, 2. Rounded edges, 3. Rectangular wedding rings, 3. Triangle shape wedding rings

Shape of wedding rings

Wedding ring profiles

Wedding ring profilesThe cross section of wedding rings can be different as well.

The most important characteristic feature of wedding rings created according to their cross section is that they are similar all around.

You can choose from flat and round cross section rings and their variations. Most of our rings’ inner shape is slightly rounded so it gives a comfortable feel. (Comfort fit)

This profile provides a natural and elegant fit and most importantly, it is very comfortable.

The most common wedding ring profiles:

1. Flat profile outside, rounded inside, 2. Straight profile, comfort fit inside, 3. Slightly rounded profile, comfort fit inside, 4. Rounded profile outside, comfort fit inside, 5. Oval profile 6. Concave profile outside, comfort fit inside


The width of wedding rings

In case of a classic wedding ring we think about a 5-6mm wide ring, although there are slimmer rings as well, (3-3,5mm wide) or much wider, 8-9mm. In general we can say the wider the ring the heavier it is, therefore its price is higher as well.

Wedding ring widths

There are not any definite rules which width suits a person.

For shorter fingers slimmer rings fit better and for longer fingers wider rings look good, but most importantly the decision depends on the style and taste of the wearer.

There are differences between the rings for women and men. The wedding ring for men is proportionately wider because of its larger size. Although, if the design requires, the ring for women could be wider than the men counterpart.

The material and colour of wedding rings

Három arany szín

The tree colours of wedding rings symbolise the togetherness of men and women for centuries. That is why our priority is to create exclusive and high quality wedding rings which are perfect for everyday life yet long standing.

Our atelier works with three different colour gold alloys; white gold, rosé gold (red colour gold alloy) and yellow gold alloy which can be combined according to the costumer taste.

Please take a look at our guideline where you can find detailed information about gold alloys.

Surface choices for wedding rings

The surface of wedding ring could be of various different textures. Thank to surface treatments we can create interesting effects and contrasts. We can fashion different ring styles such as brushed, rustic or decorated with manual engraving.

Matte and shine surfaces show a very nice contrast next to each other, especially if we work with two different coloured gold alloys. It is good know that the matte surfaces look better when the ring is wider. All the surface creating methods, like the above mentioned matte surface and polished surfaces as well are all renewable and restorable. If the quality of the jewel changes, it is because of natural erosion.

On the picture you can see the most popular jewel surfaces:

1. Shiny, polished, 2. Brushed 3. Matte, 4. Tree trunk 5. Rustic

Surfaces of wedding rings

Should we choose a gemstone for our wedding ring?

When we create the unique style of our wedding rings we need to take gemstones into consideration.

According to our experience, the majority of women wish to have some kind of gemstone in their rings. Men prefer matte and elegant ring styles and are averse from gemstones.

Our atelier uses different cut of diamonds most of the times because this is the only gemstone which is long standing and does not lose its sparkle over time.

For ladies we recommend colourless diamonds. Our collection is decorated with colourless diamonds for women. For men, if they are not averse from gemstones, we recommend cognac or maybe black diamonds.

You can read more about diamonds in our diamond jewellery shopping guide.

Gemstone setting styles

Wedding rings can be decorated with one or multiple gemstones. You can choose from various different setting styles which influence the style of the ring itself.

When it comes to wedding rings we have to mention the English setting which is one of the most traditional setting styles. This is a flushed setting, without prongs. In this case the gemstone is in the same level as the surface of the ring, the gold itself is worked over the edges of the gemstone.

Affianced wedding ring tips:
Infinity no2 wedding rings

Infinity karikagyűrű

If the gemstones are sitting between the two metal rails and they almost interlock, we talk about tunnel setting.

Affianced wedding ring tips:
Amarose no2 wedding rings


Amarose karikagyűrű

The modern and elegant pave setting can be chosen for wedding rings as well. Each gemstone is held in place by little beads and they can cover the majority of the ring or even its whole surface.

Affianced wedding ring tips:
Brillance wedding rings

Brillance karikagyűrű

The jewellery setting creates a very decorative effect; this type of setting usually has a two or four bead gemstone setting. These little metal beads keep each gemstone in its place.

Affianced wedding ring tips:
Barocco Simple no2 wedding rings

Barocco Simple no2 karikagyűrű


What could make our wedding rings even more unique?

We can create a more personal style for our wedding ring with detailed baroque engravings, ceramic inlays or with an engraved text for the inside of the ring. This text could include a symbol or maybe the date of the wedding.

How do I know that the ring will look good on me?

We can decide whether our wedding ring fits us or not by wearing it just like with any other personal item. To make the decision easier you can take a look at some of wedding rings pictured on a hand.

Although it is not sure that our favourite ring on the picture suits us best. That is why we recommend our clients to pay a visit to our atelier where they can try on different types and styles of wedding rings.

Keeping our wedding rings neat and tidy

Nobel metals are rather soft and vulnerable. It is only natural that everyday usage leaves it mark on our wedding rings. We think about scratches on the surface or loss of intensity of brightness. These problems can be fixed by professionals who can polish or restore the look of our jewellery.