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Designing a piece of jewellery at Affianced Fine Jewellery

The costumers who turn to us can experience the joy of creating jewels together, with constant consultations, if necessary with many fittings.

Designing jewellery always starts with measuring needs. As a first step, we would like our customers to choose from our website or during a personal meeting some pieces of jewellery which are the corner stones of the designing project. This can be shape or decoration. If you do not find a piece on our website which could explain your vision, please send us a picture of a jewel or pictures from the internet that helps us to understand your idea. We can also help with the process if you give a detailed description of your dream jewel.

After this, when we see an almost concrete vision, we start to work on the jewel structure wise. We calculate an approximate weight and the price of the work; according to these numbers we send our customers a quotation. We do not attach the design with the quotation. According to the quotation our customers can decide whether the price is acceptable or not.


If you accept our calculation we can start the designing process. We start the design with a drawing, making drafts and from these drafts we choose those plans which are worthy of working on more. Woking out a plan can be with a manual drawing, but usually we make the design plans on the computer with a 3D program. If you provide us a picture, downloaded from the internet, we never copy that piece of jewellery; it can only be a source of inspiration.

We can send you an accurate price calculation after the design is ready. Naturally, there is a possibility to change the plans, specify the details. In case the designs and price calculations are acceptable, we start making the jewellery after a 50% deposit payment. The making process takes 4 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the jewel. In case of ordering in person, there is a possibility to bring scrap gold and it can deduct the final price significantly.

The designing process is usually happening online, the plans are sent through e-mail to our clients, the deposit payment is also paid by bank transfers most of the times. If we make a piece where the exact size is crucial, like with rings and bracelets, depending on the jewel’s structure, we might need to arrange more than one meeting for fitting purposes in order to have a perfect outcome. If we make a piece where there is no need for fitting, you do not need to visit us in person through the entire process. We send you a picture of the final piece and after your bank transfer comes through we send the jewel to an address provided by you.

Visit us, make an appointment.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit us in person, we are more than happy to help you online.

You can read more about booking an online appointment here.