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Ring sizing guide

There are some who cannot visit us because of distance; we offer useable advice on how to decide on the most important questions when it comes to rings. This way you can know the correct size for engagement rings, wedding rings and other gifted rings.

Gyűrű méretezés

Gemstone types

In this article we elaborate on the physical and esoteric features of different gemstones. Also we demonstrate the unique beauty of natural formations through our jewellery.


Jewelry design

Those who come to us can experience of cooperation of designing and making a piece of jewellery so it turns out to be a one of a kind creation.

Ékszer tervezés


Among our videos you can find clips where you can catch a glimpse of the world of jewellery making. Also there are videos which introduce our jewellery collections or our Atelier.

Prizes and awards

Affianced Fine Jewellery has won the Hungarian Quality Product Award with one the collections and has won Masterpiece of Hungarian Craft Prize six times, after winning six times in a row we deserved the prize’s gold level.