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Affianced Fine Jewellery

We’ve been working as jewellers since 1996 and we founded the Affianced Jewellery in 2007. By establishing our jewellery, our goal was to create a place where the traditional jeweller spirit lives on, where creative ambitions are given space and opportunity to become reality. Our shared opinion is that the secret of success is excellent teamwork.

Nagy Gertrúd, Böde RichárdOur group has many differently habited professionals, each with varying, creative ways of thinking. Everyone represents their own special field of skill, contributing that knowledge to our work.

Our work is carried out via personal orders only, alas there is only a few of similar looking works getting out of our hands. In my opinion the term of mass production simply cannot be put together with the gripping presence which the world of jewels can provide. There is not a pair of gems or precious minerals that look exactly the same.

Our jewellery metals all require different ways of refining and approach, each of them capable of bringing a different piece of jewellery into existence. This is where the beauty of our trade lies. I hope we can provide heartfelt happiness, along with those compeers who share the same beliefs as we do. We believe that with our endeavours, we help our well-established line of business regain its former glory, and take its rightful place beside the industrial jewel crafting of today.

Gertrud Nagy 
leading jewel crafter, owner –

Richard Böde
designer, owner –