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Deciding the perfect ring size

We would like to inform you that every wedding ring that you order from our web shop are manufactured uniquely in our Atelier for the given size and colour combination.

Since there are some wedding rings which are hard to adjust in size and some are impossible to do so, therefore the ordered sizes are only acceptable if the size is measured by our ring sizer.

Order our professional ring sizer for 5000HUF and read the user manual down below.

Available ring sizer

Rendelhető gyűrűmérő


Determining the size of an engagement ring

Since engagement rings are usually gifted as a surprise that is why these rings are made without knowing the exact size. That is why all of our engagement rings are adjustable in size.

However, the luckiest scenario is that size is correct; we would like to assist you for making the good decision with useful tips.
If your partner wears a ring, please download and print our technical manual, or use a calliper to measure the inside diameter of a ring. When using the calliper please find the proper ring size from our downloadable aid and set this size when ordering the ring.

Not to mention, we aim to help with our expertise to create the proper ring size, if we do not get any information or a picture of the lady.

As long as you have the opportunity to specify the correct size, please order our ring sizer as mentioned before in connection with wedding ring purchasing.

  • I want to order the ring sizer
  • The proper usage of a ring sizer
  • Try on the hoops on the ring sizer until you find the most comfortable hoop.
  • The proper size is not too loose and not too tight when you take it off.
  • If you found the perfect hoop, please write down the number on the hoop, that is your size which you need to give us when you order your ring in our webshop.

In case you cannot decide between 2 sizes, we offer thw opportunity for you to decide a half size. For example: 53,5. If this is the case, please set the smaller number on our webshop when you put the chosen in your basket and leave us a note that you need a half size bigger.

An important piece of information: Since the sizes of our ring fingers differ, the ring that you choose will only be fitting for the finger where you made the measurements.


How to use the ring sizer?

Please read our guide below in connection with measurements so that we can create your pre-ordered jewel in the right size so it will be the most comfortable piece of jewellery that you have ever worn.

Hand types and identifying the proper size

First of all, it is important to know that hand types can be categorised into 2 groups when it comes to wearing rings.

Type 1
Most of the people have this type of hand. The main characteristic of this type of hand is that you can see flared knuckle. The right size ring with this type of finger is when it is hard to pull the ring over the knuckle and comes off with a little difficulty. Since the bottom of the finger is a little narrower, the ring in its place is a little loose.

Type 2
In this case the fingers gradually widen. When deciding on the proper size of the ring in this case, one needs to pay attention to have a comfortable feeling when the ring is in its place yet still a little tight so the ring will not slip off.


Daily size changes

The human body, our fingers and our knuckles are not the same size constantly. During a day our fingers go through little size changes for some it is a little change for some it is more major. There are many reasons for the expansion and shrinkage of our knuckles.

The most common reasons for expansion: physical work, warmth (a hot bath for example), or the retaining of water in the body. The most common reason for shrinkage: staying in cold weather, doing work in the cold weather, being well rested. That is why, we highly recommend for you to measure your finger in different times of day so you can get a better knowledge on the size changes of your finger.

The manufactured jewel cannot follow the size changes; therefore you need to choose the most frequently measured size. Luckily, for most people these changes are minimal, almost unnoticeable, but there are some, whose ring size could change with 1 or 2 size from morning until evening.

Seasonal size change

Because of the previously mentioned reasons, firstly, we think about weather changes. The size of the finger can be different during winter time and summer time.  During winter time knuckles shrink and they expand during the summer time. The extant of it is usually not that significant. But some who are more sensitive might notice that their ring is a little looser in the winter and a little tighter in the summer.

Change of body weight

Gaining and losing weight shows itself in every part of our body so it is visible on the fingers as well. The most typical shift in weight is the time of pregnancy. For pregnant ladies, we usually suggest taking their ring off when it starts becoming uncomfortable and put the ring back when they gain their figure back after birth.

Which hand should we wear the ring?

We can go into detail with the two most typical traditions here in Hungary:

If the proposal happens with a wedding ring, the tradition is that the future bride has to wear it on the left hand and after wedding it goes to the right hand.

In Hungary and Europe the most popular habit to wear the engagement ring on the left hand and the wedding ring on the right. Although, let’s not forget that these traditions are not compulsory to follow, they are just guidelines.

Since the two ring fingers are different in size we highly recommend our customers to have their rings made to the finger they are going to wear the ring. For right handed people it is more practical to wear the ring on the left because this way it is less prone to abrasion or damages.

Posterior size adjusting

We would like to reassure everybody, if their ring sizes change for whatever reason, most of our rings’ sizes can be modified posterior. Except the square shapes rings or other unique shape rings or wedding rings or engagement rings which are set with gemstones all around.

If you need to adjust your ring posterior please contact our colleagues to clarify the details.