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What are wedding rings should be made of?


Wedding rings are special, life-long jewels, that is why they require a kind of base metal which is stable in value. That is why we recommend our clients to have them made out of noble metal. The most well-known and most popular noble metal is gold. Here, in Hungary the 14 and 18K alloys are the most typical.

What do these numbers mean?

Carat number indicates the amount of pure gold in the alloy. The higher the carats number the purer the alloy. The 18K gold alloy has higher purity, it is exactly 750‰. 14K gold’s purity is 585‰. That is why the 18K alloy is softer and less resistant to physical impacts.

18K gold alloys are mostly used for occasionally used jewels, 14K alloys are used for jewels for everyday usage. That is why we recommend our customers to choose 14K gold alloys for their wedding rings.

Pure gold is a soft and plastic material that is why we need alloying. When adding different metals, it becomes harder and professionals can manufacture different kinds of colours.

To maintain our jewel’s original glamour they need to have the sufficient material thickness. This provides the ring’s shape over time.

Different colours of gold alloys for wedding rings

Arany színek

When picking gold alloys it is essential to ask for help from a professional, so that our dream jewellery should turn out unique and every lasting.
When it comes to choosing materials one has to aim harmony. The harmony between the colours of the gold and gemstone.

In case of gold alloys, we differentiate 3 different colours. Yellow, white and rosé gold.

(You can see the contrast among the 3 colours in the picture below)

Gold hallmarks

In Hungary, jewels need to be hallmarked in order to put them out in the market. Jewel made in our Atelier are verified by Hungarian authorities (NEHITI) and our own master hallmark.

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The characteristics of the 3 main gold colours

Yellow Gold White Gold Rosé Gold
What does it symbolize?
Eternal classic, which never goes out of style. Symbol of love, luxury and success It gives a modern and elegant look to its wearer. Elegant and feminine look, and a great material choice for vintage engagement ring.
Radiates warmth, feels like sunshine. A clear-out effect. Gorgeous pinkish hue. Romantic style metal.
To which skin tone does it fit the best?
It fits well with darker skin tones. Ideal for every skin tone. It goes well with either dark or very pale skin colour.
Which gemstone suits the best for the different colours?
It pairs well with warmer coloured gemstones. It highlights the beauty of the yellowish hues in the gemstones. ( for example: yellow diamond, sapphire, citrine) It looks great with colourful gemstones. It is very elegant with cool coloured gemstones. (for example, blue or purple sapphire) Warmer coloured gemstones look better with it, but vivid blue coloured gemstones such as blue topaz can look gorgeous with it.
Less hard than white gold alloy. It is made with the addition of pure silver and pure copper. Heavier density alloy. It is made with nickel alloy. This is the hardest gold alloy. We can make it whiter with rhodium cover. Less hard than yellow and white gold alloys.
Metal allergy information
Hypoallergenic When one is aware of nickel allergy we recommend a nickel reduces alloy, one with palladium. Hypoallergenic

Affianced engagement and wedding tips for different coloured of gold alloys

The colour or colours of the given piece of jewellery is not a professional but a taste and style question. Still in our Atelier there is a common supposition which colour or colours should be chosen for different style jewellery so the outcome could be optimal.

Naturally this is only a recommendation. Each and every jeweller can be chosen from any combination of colours. It can only harmonise well with its wearer.

Here in our Atelier, we are at your service with design plans and photos to showcase the different colour combinations.

Yellow gold wedding rings

Sárga arany karikagyűrű

Yellow gold colour fits well with classic and vintage style wedding rings.

Yellow gold is very attractive with shiny, matte and brushed surfaces as well. It highlights the glitter of diamonds and meticulous engraving patterns.

Affianced ring tip:
Barocco Striped karikagyűrűk

White Gold Wedding Rings

Fehér arany karikagyűrű

White gold is the best choice for modern and clear-out wedding rings.

The gold colour gives space for the biggest creativity. Any colourful gemstone looks great in white gold.

When decorated with diamonds it is the embodiment of luxury and elegance.

Affianced ring tip:
Energy no4 karikagyűrűk

Rosé Gold Wedding Rings

Rozé arany karikagyűrű

Rosé gold is the most romantic gold alloy colour. This colour is the best choice for jewels which are unique in shape.

White ceramic and white gold alloy are excellent contrast with rosé gold.

Apart from diamonds, blue sapphire looks great with rosé gold just like the ornamental manual engraving.

Affianced rin tipp:
Botticelli karikagyűrűk

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Sárga arany eljegyzési gyűrű

Yellow gold is the best choice for classic engagement rings.

It highlights the glimmer of the diamond. Yellow citrine and cognac colour diamond could also look great with yellow gold.

Yellow colour emphasizes the engravings nicely as well. It is the best choice for ladies who like classic jewellery.

Affianced ring tip:
Seherezádé eljegyzési gyűrű

White Gold Engagement Ring

Fehér arany eljegyzési gyűrűA fehérarany a legdivatosabb, legközkedveltebb aranyötvözet, melyből eljegyzési gyűrűk készülnek.

White gold is the most fashionable and most popular gold alloy chosen as the material of engagement rings.

It is the most suitable for creating luxurious looking rings.

Since it is a neutral colour, different colourful gemstones look wonderful with it and also it goes well with different dressing styles.

Affianced ring tip:
Dandelion eljegyzési gyűrű

Rosé Gold Engagement Ring

Rozé arany eljegyzési gyűrű

Rosé gold is the most romantic gold alloy colour that is why it is becoming more and more popular.

It highlights the meticulous manual engraving and sparkling diamonds look marvellous in it.

Affianced ring tip:
Aphrodité Barokk eljegyzési gyűrű

Is it possible to bring scrap gold: an old style or not repairable gold jewellery?


Naturally, there is a way. Moreover, if the necessary amount of scarp gold is at disposal, the pre-ordered jewel’s price could be reduced with 30%.

It is important to know that the scrap gold is not used directly but it goes through a remaking process beforehand.

Through this metallurgical method the pure gold can be retrieved from the scrap gold and afterwards it is alloyed to the required purity.

Thus for making a white gold wedding ring pair you can provide yellow or rosé gold jewels and also jewels with different purity.