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The price of engagement rings is mostly influenced by the type and size of the gemstones used in them and also the type of noble metal, in this case gold.

On our webpage you have the opportunity to choose moissanite over diamonds with many engagement rings because their price is more favourable than diamond but in its characteristics and appearance it is very close to diamonds. Our engagement rings can divided into three separate price categories.  The price of jewel depend on the amount of scrap gold or the chosen gemstone whether it is a diamond or not. With the personalization of the jewel and with its price calculations please contact one of our colleagues.

Fiancée classic
Solid, classic engagement rings with smaller diamonds or other gemstones.
Fiancée exclusive
Meticulously crafted, dainty engagement rings decorated with diamonds.
Fiancée luxury
Richly decorated rings with larger central diamond, uniquely designed engagement rings.