Pleasure no3 – engagement ring

A modern-looking, color-combinable gold engagement ring with a sparkling diamond.

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249 287 Ft

After placing the order, we will make the jewelry individually for you.
The preparation time is on average 3 to 6 weeks.

Specification of jewellery and ordering process

  • Product Description
  • Ring sizes
  • Packaging
  • Process of ordering
Product Description
Used precious metal
Gold 14K 2.4 g
Width 7.5 mm
Central gemstone (1.90 - 2.20 mm) 1 pcs

The jewelry you can see here, is made exclusively for you according to your order.

Since the jewelry is individually made by hand, the data shown here are only approximate and may show slight differences compared to the photos.

We make the ordered jewelry from 14K gold alloys, because they are harder and more wear-resistant than 18K alloys, so the handmade decorative motifs fade less over the years.

Gemstones used in jewelry:
• Diamonds:
high quality vs weselton or fancy color, conflict free diamonds, brilliants.

For diamonds over 0.3 ct, we provide an IGI, GIA or HRD international lab test document.

You can read more about diamonds here.

• Moissanite gemstones: our moissanite gemstones meet the highest quality standards and are excellently polished. You can read more about moissanite here.

• Precious stones: The precious stones we use are high-quality, verified original precious stones, which are individually selected for the jewelry in each case, so there may be minimal color shade differences compared to the jewelry photos. Ask our colleagues about this. You can read about the types of gemstones here.

In the case of a personal order, it is possible to have the given piece of jewelry made with any modifications, in this case, please contact us at one of our contacts.

Ring sizes

Determining correct ring sizes

Since engagement rings are typically intended as a surprise, it is natural to buy jewelry without knowing the exact measurements.

In order to have some reference for choosing the sizes, we provide some help below.

– If your partner wears a ring, download and print our guide from here or use a caliper to determine the inner diameter of the ring. When using the caliper, find the ring size corresponding to the obtained value in the downloadable help, and set this size when ordering the jewelry.

– Last but not least, we also try to help with our experience so that the appropriate sized engagement ring can be prepared, if we receive a description or a photo of the beloved lady.

Our jewelry store offers a size guarantee when purchasing surprise engagement rings, which includes a free one-time size adjustment within 3 months of purchase.

If it is not a surprise piece of jewelry, order our ring measurement set to determine the exact dimensions.

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– You can find our exact guide on using the measuring line here.

The process of ordering jewelry online

Personal order

If you order the rings in person, you don’t have to do anything else, just make an appointment with our colleagues at one of our contacts and visit us in our jewelry salon in Budapest, where, in addition to discussing many other details, our colleagues will take the exact finger sizes.


Packaging of the jewelry

We deliver our jewelry in exclusive packaging suitable for a valuable gift, in a beautiful silk-coated, padded jewelry box with a warranty card, certificate, decorative bag and a small jewelry-holding silk bag.

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Process of ordering

Webshop purchase

Shopping in the webshop, similar to the operation of other online stores, is done by placing the product in the basket, but in this case too, we make the jewelry individually, taking into account the dimensions you specify and the text and style of the internal engraving. Through our online store, you can only purchase products available in the online store as mentioned above.

It is important to know that the ordered jewelry is made individually based on the ordered sizes, color and gemstone variations, which takes 4-8 weeks depending on the jewelry. We will clarify the preparation time with you in a reply e-mail after the order.

To order products that are not available from the webshop, please contact us at one of our contacts.

You can only buy from our webshop from the countries of the European Union. If you want to order jewelry from outside the EU, please contact us.

Personal order

You have the option to personally order all the jewelry you see on our website, and in this case, every single parameter of the jewelry: width, color and fineness of the gold alloys used, as well as the type and arrangement of the precious stones can be customized according to your taste.

Make an appointment with our colleagues for a personal consultation at one of our contact numbers.

Online order

As with the personal order, it is also possible to customize every detail of the jewelry. For your convenience, we also provide an online consultation, which also requires logging in.

You can read more about online ordering here.


We offer the following services and gifts for every engagement rings ordered from us:

5 year warranty
Ékszer díszdoboz
gift jewelry box
Méret garancia
Size guarantee
Ingyenes szállítás
Free shipping
Ékszer certificate
Ékszer tisztítás
Free annual service
We guarantee our jewelry for 5 years

We guarantee the materials used, the quality of the handwork, and the durability of the setting of the gemstones.
Affianced Fine Jewellery provides a full warranty for the jewelry it makes in the first year if it is used as intended, and we provide a partial warranty for another 4 years.
You can read more about the details of our guarantee here.

We deliver our jewelry to our dear customers in an exclusive gift box

We deliver our jewelry in exclusive packaging, in a gift box with a gift silk bag.

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Size guarantee for engagement rings bought as a surprise

Since the girl’s request is usually a surprise, the order is made without knowing the exact finger size. In order to still find the right ring size, it helps a lot if we get some clues about the lady’s body shape and height.

We offer a size guarantee for engagement rings purchased from us: within 3 months of purchase, we adjust the jewelry to the correct size once free of charge.

We deliver your jewelry to you free of charge by courier service

Within Hungary, we will send your jewelry to the specified address free of charge.

If you would like to order jewelry from abroad, please contact our colleagues on one of our contact details about the delivery and possible customs preparation fees and other costs.

You can only buy from our webshop from the countries of the European Union. If you want to order jewelry from outside the EU, please contact us.

Certificate on the raw materials used

A certificate is issued for all jewelry made by us, which is validated with our company stamp and signature. In the certificate, we describe in detail the raw materials used for the created jewelry.

For diamonds over 0.3 ct, we provide an IGI, GIA or HRD international lab test document.

Our trademark is the master mark found in our jewelry, which authenticates our work together with the Hungarian hallmark. We guarantee the materials used, the quality of the handwork, the quality of the gems, and the durability of the reservation.

Affianced névjel

Careful inspection of the jewelry, professional cleaning, polishing and renovation of the surfaces

Since gold alloys are soft, fragile metals that can be scratched, depending on the intensity of wear, it may be necessary to renew the surfaces so that they shine in their original beauty. In the case of wedding rings containing precious stones, it is important to periodically inspect them to prevent the possible (very rare) loss of the gemstone.

Depending on the value limit, our jewelry store undertakes at least one free, professional jewelry cleaning and surface refresh for our jewelry within one year of purchase.

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