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Order and informations

You can order your jewelry from us in the following ways

This piece of jewelry cannot be ordered directly from the online store, because it is not possible or only very difficult to adjust the size afterwards, so taking the size requires more care.

Personal order

The safest way to order this type of jewelry is to make a personal order, during which our expert colleagues take the appropriate finger sizes in our jewelry salon in Budapest, and in most cases it is also necessary to come to us for a test, when they can try on their half-finished rings with us, so that any small corrections, if necessary, we can do it even before booking the gems or making the hand engraving.

Make an appointment with our colleagues at one of our contacts.

Online order

If you do not have the opportunity to visit us in person, we can help you determine the exact measurements with the help of a ring sizer that can be ordered from our website and continuous contact with our colleagues, or even a video conference, after which you can order your jewelry without a personal meeting.

In this regard, please contact us at one of our contacts.