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Wedding ring
Prices, Price Categories

The prices of wedding rings depend on the materials that are used, the gold, the type and quantity of gemstones.

Since gold is a significant price influencing factor when it comes to wedding rings, the ring size could affect the price of the jewel. You can find numerous wedding ring pairs on our webpage where the prices of the rings are influenced by the meticulous handcraft; in this case, the used material is not the main factor of the price. In case of a personal order, our customers have the opportunity to personalise the jewel entirely, such as width, changing the number of gemstones, counting scarp gold in these changes can influence the price of the given wedding rings. Please contact us if you wish to order personalised wedding rings, or create a unique design.

Affianced friendly
Solid-looking, classic wedding rings with one or two small diamonds approx. of 8-12 g/pair.
Affianced classic
Spectacular looking wedding rings with a few small diamonds approx. of 12-18 g/pair.
Affianced exclusive
Special-looking wedding rings decorated with diamonds approx. of 12-22 g/pair.
Affianced luxury
Wedding rings with a luxurious look and design, decorated with diamonds